Why is Trump the worst President of all time? Here are 15 reasons

8. Travel

When Barack Obama was president, Republicans constantly complained about how much he and his family spent on leisurely travel during his 8-year term.  But when the tables are turned, they have nothing to say. They choose to ignore the fact that Trump is about to surpass Obama’s 8-year vacation spending within his first year, if not months. Within his first 100 days, he traveled to his private FloridaMar-A-Lago Resort multiple times costing $21.6 million. As of April 2017, he had spent six weekends (totaling 21 days) at Mar-A-Lago. Obama spent about $97 million over his entire term. Even just the secret service is estimated at $3.6 million per trip according to costs based off a trip Obama took in 2013 to Florida. So when you wonder why cuts are being made to budgets that revolve around public health care and things that matter, maybe take a look at how he is spending your tax dollars.