Why is Trump the worst President of all time? Here are 15 reasons

It’s no shocker that President Trump is disliked not only by millions of Americans, but also other countries as well. It’s becoming such a problem that it’s even beginning to dissolve many international relationships that took time to get to were they are today. While at first, it was mere dislike and fear that we had for this 45th POTUS, it’s not becoming painstakingly clear that he might just be the worst president in our nation’s history. Here’s why…

13. His Second in Command, Mike Pence

If you’re trying to win over a melting pot country consisting of all races, religions, sexualities and so forth, bringing on a publicly homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted political figure is not the way to win over the left. His clear views on conversion therapy and anti-abortion just add to the already horrible presidency Trump has given us.

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