8 of the Weirdest Ways People Have Gotten Hired

8. By holding a sign on the street

How many homeless people out there have excellent skills and talents, but have just had some difficult personal circumstances and fallen into a downward spiral it’s near-impossible to get out of?

Ted Williams was one such person. A journalist from the Columbia Dispatch newspaper saw him holding a sign asking for help, stating, “I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times.”

He was soon interviewed by various local news outlets, appearing in video interviews and on the radio.

His deep, smooth voice on the radio attracted a variety of awesome job offers. He accepted a role with the Cleveland Cavaliers doing voice-over work for the team, as well as for their parent company. The Cavaliers even threw in free housing to sweeten the pot!

Hopefully this isn’t a technique any of us would ever have to utilize, but it’s nice to know there’s still the chance of a happy ending for people who’ve hit rock bottom.


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