8 of the Weirdest Ways People Have Gotten Hired

5. By advertising on a billboard

People say that getting a job is all about being able to market and sell yourself. Well, Adam Pacitti might have taken this a bit more literally than most.

After graduating with a degree in Media Production, Adam had found it tough to get into his chosen field and was working in an arcade. Unfortunately, he even lost this job and didn’t know what to do after sending out over 250 resumes and receiving no offers.

So, he did what any sane, reasonable person who do: he spent the last of his savings on a giant billboard asking for a job.

The billboard read:

“I Spent My Last £500 on This Billboard.

Please Give Me a Job.


Luckily it worked in Pacitti’s favor. The story was picked up by local news outlets and the hashtag #EmployAdam even started trending on Twitter.

Pacitti was eventually approached by over 60 employers, and accepted an offer to become a Viral Producer at Seachange.

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