7 Urban Myths That Turned Out to Be True

7. Guy gets stuck in oven, gets cooked alive

Well this is a doozey! The old story goes that a man was cleaning his oven, leaned in too far and got stuck. He then got cooked alive. (The myth doesn’t seem to address why the oven would’ve been on while he was cleaning it.)

So, can that really happen? Well, probably not in a regular oven, but over in a British kayak factory, somebody had a terrible accident with an industrial oven.

Without telling anyone else, a supervisor walked inside the oven to see if there was a problem when it wasn’t working right. As he was looking around to see what was going on, somebody fixed the problem on the outside and turned the oven back on – not knowing that the supervisor was in there.

The doors shut on the man – ironically, as part of the safety system – and locked him in as the temperature hit 500 degrees. As he shouted for help, nobody could hear him, and so he found a crowbar and tried to fight his way out. He soon passed out because of the heat and the smoke, however, and unfortunately died.

Francesco Ocello / Shutterstock.com

Francesco Ocello / Shutterstock.com

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