7 Urban Myths That Turned Out to Be True

6. Girl is silently killed in a library

This is another one you’ve probably heard before – it’s pretty common all over the US, and the story goes that a young girl was killed in the New York Public Library in the 1980s. The story spread all over the country, and for good reason – it’s true.

Well, mostly.

Betsy Aardsma was a bright, bubbly, and popular student at Penn State. On November 28th, 1969, Betsy went to the university library and started researching for one of her papers. While the librarians worked and students studied, Betsy was stabbed in the chest and killed, and despite other students being just feet away, nobody heard a thing. It took a number of minutes until somebody discovered Betsy, and nobody to this day has any idea who might have done it or why.

Anna Jurkovska / Shutterstock.com

Anna Jurkovska / Shutterstock.com

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