7 Urban Myths That Turned Out to Be True

5. Creepy texts from under the bed

So this is an urban myth you’ve probably heard a few variations of. The story says that a girl was sitting in her bed and received a phone call (or texts, in the modern version of the myth) that was obscene, threatening and seriously scary. She keeps putting down the phone only to get another call, and while she convinces herself that it’s nothing to really worry about, it turns out that the person calling her was under her bed.

It sounds completely unbelievable because surely – surely! – you would hear the person under your bed. Turns out, though, that in July 2014, a 16-year-old girl who lived in Chester, United Kingdom, ended up receiving messages from an 18-year-old from the same area called Kyle Ravenscroft. Kyle was texting her telling her that he wanted her to wake up to the sight of him hanging by his neck outside of her bedroom window. Then, at midnight, he sent another text saying “I’m in your house.”

The girl assumed the text was a joke and didn’t call the police — but she did go sleep in her mom’s bed for a little while. (Can you blame her?) When all seemed fine, she went back to her bedroom and noticed that things in her room had been moved. She worked up the courage to look under her bed, and found Kyle there with his phone.

The girl luckily managed to escape without being harmed, but can you imagine the mental damage something like that could do to a person?

kryzhov / Shutterstock.com

kryzhov / Shutterstock.com

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