7 Urban Myths That Turned Out to Be True

3. Guy gets eaten alive by pigs

OK, so this is definitely a story everyone has heard. We all know that some animals will eat a human if given half the chance, but would a pig really eat us? Is our love for bacon really so provocative?

Looks like it.

Pigs actually really enjoy eating humans, as was seen when a Vietnam war veteran from Oregon, who was raising pigs to help treat his PTSD, went out to feed his pigs but never came back.

After going out to feed the pigs in their pig pen, it’s thought that the man had a heart attack and collapsed. As time went by, the pigs began to starve and so they began eating the body of their farmer. They ate so much of the man that all investigators found were a few pieces of skin and fabric.

So yeah; don’t go into a pig pen if you’re feeling a little under the weather – you might not come out in one piece!

OUTDOOR_MEDIA / Shutterstock.com

OUTDOOR_MEDIA / Shutterstock.com

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