7 Urban Myths That Turned Out to Be True

2. Charlie with no face

This is an urban myth that seems to be unique to Pittsburgh, and it involves a character called Green Man or Charlie No Face. The legend said that a boy walked through the dark alleys at night, specifically in rural areas, and he had no face. The story said that the boy had no face because he’d been playing near the power lines, and was electrocuted so bad that his face was severely burned.

Weirdly, the boy was real. In fact, Charlie was really called Raymond Robinson, and his face was incredibly deformed. The boy was so unlucky that his face almost looked like a skull, and it all happened because he got electrocuted when he was playing on an electric trolley bridge.

The bridge had seen the death of a young boy a year before, and electricity wasn’t anywhere near as common back in 1919 as it is now. The boys didn’t realize how dangerous what they were doing was, and poor Raymond ended up with 1,200 volts shooting through his body and burning his face. He lost his eyes, his nose burned and he lost all use of his left arm up to the elbow.

Throughout the rest of his life, the boy (and later, man) would only leave the house at night to avoid scaring anybody, but the fact that he stayed in the shadows just made the legend that much creepier.

GlebStock / Shutterstock.com

GlebStock / Shutterstock.com

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