20 Stories Harvey Weinstein Doesn’t Want You to Know

Florence Darel

The French actress was allegedly pursued by Weinstein in 1995 when he asked her to meet him at a suite in The Ritz. Even though his wife was in the next room, he went on to proposition Darel. “He started to tell me that he found me very attractive and wanted to have relations with me,” Darel said. “I told him I was very in love with my companion. He replied that didn’t bother him at all and offered to have me be his mistress a few days a year. That way we could continue to work together. Basically, it was ‘If you want to continue in America, you have to go through me.’ What could I do? Could I go to the police and say, ‘This disgusting man made me an indecent proposal in his hotel room at The Ritz?’ ” Darel told People. “They would have laughed at me. Even when you are raped it is difficult to prove, and society, in many cases, puts the burden of proof on women.”

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