20 Stories Harvey Weinstein Doesn’t Want You to Know

Rose McGowan

In 2016, McGowan went on Twitter to voice that she had been raped by a studio executive years ago. In a BuzzFeed interview, McGowan also talked about an unnamed “serial predator” in the industry. While McGowan hasn’t explicitly talked about the abusive encounter with Weinstein, he paid her in a 1997 settlement. Since the Weinstein scandal has gone public, McGowan has tweeted more than once about the Weinstein allegations, asking if the public can now call Weinstein a ”rapist.” She also shared audio obtained by The New Yorker of Weinstein admitting to groping model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez; while reposting the clip, McGowan added: “Now imagine his huge size, his monster face/body closing in on you. In one second your life path is not yours. You have been stolen.”

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