20 Stories Harvey Weinstein Doesn’t Want You to Know

Louisette Geiss

Screenwriter and actress Geiss alleged in a press conference Tuesday that Weinstein had masturbated in front of her without her consent. Geiss said that Weinstein invited her to his office—”adjacent to his hotel room”—to discuss a script she’d written. “After about 30 minutes, he asked to excuse himself and go to the bathroom. He returned in nothing but a robe with the front open and he was buck naked,” she continued. Weinstein allegedly then got into a bathtub and asked Geiss to continue pitching her script. “When I finished my pitch I was obviously nervous, and he just kept asking me to watch him masturbate,” she said. “I told him I was leaving. He quickly got out of the tub and grabbed my forearm as I was trying to grab my purse and led me to his bathroom, pleading that I just watch him masturbate.”

Geiss is being represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, whose daughter, Lisa Bloom, worked as an adviser to Weinstein before resigning on Saturday.

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