20 Stories Harvey Weinstein Doesn’t Want You to Know

Lauren Sivan

The journalist told the Huffington Post that 10 years ago, she met Weinstein at a dinner with friends and associates. After the meal, they all went to Socialista, a club and restaurant where Weinstein was an investor. Weinstein allegedly invited to take Sivan on a tour of the facility. According to her account, when they went down to the kitchen, Weinstein made the staff leave, then allegedly exposed himself in front of Sivan and started masturbating—preventing her from leaving until he had finished. ”I could not believe what I was witnessing. It was disgusting and kind of pathetic, really,” Sivan told Megyn Kelly Monday on Today. “But more than the disgusting act itself, which of course was gross, the demeaning part of it all—that just 20 minutes earlier, he was having this great conversation with me, and I felt so great and flattered by it.”

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