16 Most Hated U.S. Presidents of All Time

As we look back at one of the most divisive Presidential campaigns of all time, it’s easy to see how politicians failing to appeal to one part of the population during the campaign can end up as a truly unpopular President. While the President’s mandate is to unite the country under one leader, this often doesn’t happen. Either the President himself has qualities that makes him unlikeable, or his actions lead to consequences that bring lasting damage to the country.

Here are a few American Presidents that have gone down in history as the most hated of all time:

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover had the dubious honor of taking the oath of office a mere eight months before the start of the Great Depression. One of the reasons why he remains so hated is because he dismissed predictions of the stock market crash, and was convinced that the warning signs merely signalled a passing recession.

Although he did work incredibly hard once the Great Depression hit, he refused to involve the government in schemes like devaluing the currency or welfare, both of which would have directly helped citizens.

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