15 Things You’ll Never Hear Trump Say

1. “Goals… I have ’em.”

20 Things You Never Knew About President-Elect Donald Trump 14

President Trump knows how to pat himself on the back, but sometimes–most times–it’s undeserved. When referencing his first 100 days, he said, “We passed and signed 38 pieces of legislation, which nobody likes to talk about. I think probably seldom has any president and administration done more or had more success so early on, including a record number of resolutions to eliminate job-killing regulations.” Except that, measuring laws passed by counting rather than by significance is pretty meaningless. But just to discount Trump’s statement, among modern Oval Office occupants, Presidents Jimmy Carter (52), George H.W. Bush (41) and Bill Clinton (41) had all signed more bills into law than Trump has by this point in their presidencies.


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