15 Fighters Who Got Into BIG Trouble Outside The Ring. Wait Until You Read About No. 11!

Jonathan “War Machine” Koppenhaver

When a man legally changes his name to “War Machine”, nobody should really be surprised when things go off the rails. Of course, when he splits his professional duties between MMA fighter and porn performer, there’s even more cause for concern. As a welterweight fighter, War Machine posted a 14-5 record in 19 fights. But thanks to a recent graphic and high-profile assault case against his former girlfriend (who also happens to be a porn star), War Machine is now known more for being the man who beat Christy Mack into a bloody pulp. In a truly sad, sick saga, the now-jailed War Machine has also attempted suicide in prison since his arrest for assaulting Ms. Mack in Las Vegas last summer.

"War Machine" Koppenhaver

“War Machine” Koppenhaver

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