15 Fighters Who Got Into BIG Trouble Outside The Ring. Wait Until You Read About No. 11!

The “Fight of the Century” between undefeated bad boy Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the well-behaved Manny Pacquiao is poised to set all kinds of records this weekend – both in Las Vegas and on televisions all across America.

Pacquiao’s promoter claims the live gate receipts will reach $74 million — $54 million more than the previous record. And The New York Times estimated that the revenue from the fight may be near $300 million. Mayweather himself could make well over $100 million from the fight. “Money” indeed.

But the underbelly of the fight game is indeed a seedy one. Mayweather himself is just one of many fighters who have excelled inside the ring…while getting into all kinds of big, bad trouble and failing miserably in their lives outside of the ring.

You might be shocked to read just how evil some of the top fighters have acted outside of the ring. Read on to learn more…

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