15 Celebrities You Would Never Expect to be Vegetarian

Out of the various trends that cycle, becoming vegetarian (and even vegan) is one that doesn’t seem like it will be coming to an end any time soon. Not only does it promote animal rights and wellness, but it also helps fight global warming and protects the environment. While some of the Hollywood celebrities have dabbled in that lifestyle, there are more and more who are sticking with the trend and have even become animal rights activists as well. Check out these celebs who have adopted a meat-free lifestyle.


15. Lea Michele

Those who were fans of the television hit show, Glee, might remember that Michele’s character, Rachel, was vegan on the show. It’s not much different in real life for this Glee star. She’s strictly vegan and gives credit for her toned body to following a meat-and-animal-byproduct-free lifestyle. She even lists out some of her favorite recipes in her book, Brunette Ambition.


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