15 Celebrities Who Ruined the Lives of Innocent People

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson’s murder trial is still a popular topic of conversation today. It was the trial of the century and the most fascinating thing to watch on television in the 90s. Despite a significant amount of evidence proving that the shamed athlete committed the murder, the nation was still torn over whether or not he killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and her new husband, Ronald Lyle Goldman.

Even more horrific, this happened just months after Brown had confessed to Kris Jenner that she was convinced somebody was watching her from her kitchen window. Prior to her death, Brown had always claimed that O.J. was jealous and endlessly abused her in their Brentwood home. Wonder if Kris Jenner regrets never speaking up?

Vicki L. Miller / Shutterstock.com

Vicki L. Miller / Shutterstock.com

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