15 Celebrities Who Ruined the Lives of Innocent People

Justin Bieber

Teen girls everywhere would probably faint at the idea of living next-door to Justin Bieber, but two of his former neighbors have a different opinion. In a 2015 lawsuit against Bieber, the neighbors said that he was “horrible, terrifying, and life-ruining.” Ouch!

According to CNN, Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz alleged the “Sorry” singer and his bodyguards “repeatedly harassed them and their family, vandalized their house with eggs, and threatened them with anti-Semitic remarks.” Even worse, there were allegations that Bieber spat in Jeffrey’s face after Jeffrey told the narcissistic celeb he was driving his Ferrari too fast through the streets of their gated community. Real mature Bieber.

Bieber pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor vandalism charge from an incident in which he threw a dozen eggs at the Schwartz’s mansion. He was ordered to pay $80,900 restitution, stay 100 yards away from the family, and was sentenced to two years’ probation. It didn’t deter him from harassing the Schwartz family, though. Eventually Bieber sold his mansion to another celebrity, Khloe Kardashian. The question is, who out of the two is worse?

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com