15 Celebrities Who Ruined the Lives of Innocent People

When it comes to hearing about celebrities in the news, more times than not we see stories about paparazzi and everyday people causing problems for Hollywood stars. But we rarely hear about instances in which the roles are reversed. After all, mega famous or not, celebrities are still people just like the rest of us and they have all made their fair share of mistakes. Unfortunately, the mistakes can sometimes be dire, like the ones these following celebrities made. See below for 15 Hollywood celebrities who ruined the lives of innocent people.

Lance Armstrong

Mike Anderson worked for Lance Armstrong as his personal assistant, bike mechanic, and general gopher. Anderson knew his capabilities were above his job title, but the two of them had an agreement that when Armstrong was finished competing, they would partner to open a bike shop. That agreement fell short and Anderson was left to fend for himself when Armstrong fired him for questioning the cyclist’s controversial performance tactics. Apparently, it was a “no questions asked” policy that Anderson didn’t follow. Now that we know what Armstrong was doing to prep for his races, it makes sense why he took the defensive and ditched Anderson.

Anderson told his story in an interview, saying that Armstrong backed out of the bike shop agreement after he refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement — an agreement that would have made Anderson financially responsible for a large sum if he “mentioned ever having worked for Armstrong.” What’s worse is that Armstrong allegedly launched a full media and legal showdown against Anderson in an attempt to ruin his reputation and take the attention off the cyclist himself. Things got so bad that Anderson fled to New Zealand and brought his family with him to start their lives over.

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

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