14 Ways that Donald Trump Could Be Impeached

13. Sharing Confidential Information With His Kids

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It’s plain to see that President Trump thinks highly of his children–he has employed almost all of them in White House government positions. Even recently, he put Ivanka Trump into the White House, despite her not having an official role. The problem with turning to his kids for guidance is the thin line he is walking of potentially sharing classified information. As we learned with the Clinton email debacle, sharing or jeopardizing classified information is illegal. So the fact that Trump has his whole family in the White House is something Congress should take seriously.

This may indeed have already happened. It must be recalled that on November 17 Ivanka was present at a meeting between Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister. She wasn’t really supposed to be there, and may have even been closing a business deal in Japan during the meeting. That’s what you call a two-for-one.

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