14 Things You Never Knew About the Man Behind the Trump

Who is Jared Kushner? By now, you may know that he is now the senior adviser in the Trump administration and the 36-year-old son-in-law of Donald Trump. It was reported that before now, Kushner was looking for ways to join the Trump administration without breaking the federal anti-nepotism law. Once he was cleared by the Justice Department to serve in the Trump administration, Kushner resigned from his role as CEO at Kushner Companies. So who is this guy, exactly? Read on to learn 15 facts you should know about the new senior adviser.

14. He is very reserved

The reason that you probably haven’t seen much of Jared Kushner until now is because he rarely gives interviews and doesn’t use social media—something his father-in-law could take a tip from. When you do seem him on social media, it is usually a picture of him and his family on Ivanka’s account. He’s a very private and reserved person , and he wants to keep it that way as much as he can.

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