14 things that will terrify you about Vladimir Putin

If you have caught even a glimpse of the news in the past six months, you know that there has been a lot of talk about the ties between Donald Trump, his administration, and Russia. While it’s still merely speculation, there is a lot of concern that President Trump is a bit too buddy-buddy with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Why does that make so many Americans nervous? To better understand, there are some things everyone should know about Vladimir Putin. Here are the top 14 facts about the Russian president that might make you nervous.

14. Putin is a former KGB agent

That’s right—Vladimir Putin began his career in the KGB, the famous Soviet spy agency in 1975 and rose to become a high-ranking KGB official by the time the Berlin Wall finally came down. Most of his work was in counter-intelligence and domestic espionage for the communist state.

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