14 Surprising Ways the NSA Can Spy On You

The National Security Agency, more commonly referred to as the NSA, is an intelligence organization of the federal government. They’re responsible for monitoring, collecting and processing information and data for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes—in other words, to keep our country safe and secure by monitoring data and activity. But more so in the last decade, the NSA has broken privacy rules and overstepped boundaries through unauthorized spying of Americans. Worried that the NSA might be spying on you? Here are ways you might not know that the NSA spies on you in America.

14. If you’ve attended a mosque

If you are of Arab decent and have attended a mosque that has previously been linked to Islamic charities that support terrorism, there’s a good chance that the NSA computers have looked at metadata from your phone and email communications to verify that you are not associated with Muslim terrorists.

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