14 of the Wildest Excerpts from Fire & Fury Book

5. Trump’s advisers keep their words sharp 

Just about everyone in Trump’s administration cruelly insults each other. According to Wolff, advisers have called the president: “dumb as sh—” (Gary Cohn), “idiot” (Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus), “f—ing idiot” (Rupert Murdoch), “dope” (H.R. McMaster), “child” (Katie Walsh), “9-year-old” (Steve Bannon), and “not only crazy, but stupid” (close Trump friend Thomas Barrack Jr), to name just a few. (While all of these alleged comments have been deemed misquotes by the White House, Walsh and Barrack, particularly, have strongly pushed back on what Wolff claims they said.) And here are some names Trump has called the people in his orbit, according to Wolff: “weak” (Priebus), “midget” (Priebus again), “suck-up” (Jared Kushner), “crybaby” (Kellyanne Conway), “stupid” (Sean Spicer), and perhaps most cruelly, “Uday and Qusay” (his own children, Eric and Donald Jr.).

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