12 Things to Know About the Nov. 4th AntiFa “Civil War”

2. Potential violence

Trump supporters are worried about November 4. In The_Donald subreddit, one Redditor posted a thread titled “So what is the plan for November 4?” and wrote: “In my opinion I say we should all be arming ourselves and taking to the rooftops and streets to defend our cities. If they want a war I say let’s give it to them. Let them fire the first shot and then let those pathetic commie bastards know we mean business. What is the consensus of the rest of you? I love my country, and even though I am not a military serviceman I would still gladly lay down my life for my country. Should we be preparing ourselves for war? Or do we stand by? Because again in my opinion if these commies follow through with this plan it will only cement a Trump victory in 2020.”

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