11 Young celebrities who went under the knife

Plastic surgery has almost become a staple in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. While most celebs end up going under the knife as they get older to maintain their youthful look, there are more and more stars who are trying to get a head start and altering their looks permanently at a very young age. While some were successful right off the bat, many have led to regrets, botched jobs, and revision surgeries.

Kaley Cucuo

Kaley Cucuo is one of those actresses who seemed to have maintained their natural looks throughout their successful career, but this Big Bang actress opted in for one alteration once she was of legal age for surgery. At age 18, Cuoco decided to get breast implants and rhinoplasty (nose job). According to her, have given her much more confidence since she felt her original breasts were uneven, but suffice to say, she looks far different than her younger self.

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