10 Creative New Year’s Resolutions You Have to Try

3. Provide Clean Water

“Drink more water” is usually a New Year’s resolution that lands on most people’s lists. However, there are 1 billion people around the world who don’t have clean drinking water.

You can help by writing a check to help deliver clean water to those in need, but there are also other things you can do to raise money for clean water through the website charitywater.com. Start your own clean water campaign and raise money through your own creative ideas—perhaps running a marathon or cycling from Orange County to San Diego. Many people, just like you, have also started their own fundraisers on the site and have earned money through their talents.

Another great thing about Charitywater.org is that 100% of the money raised goes directly to affected areas! Let’s raise a glass to that!

Josfor / Shutterstock.com

Josfor / Shutterstock.com

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