10 Creative New Year’s Resolutions You Have to Try

8. Eat Earth-Friendly Foods

In addition to exploring more nature-filled places, boost your health with more natural foods. One way to do this is to purchase your fruits and vegetables from local farmers’ markets in your area.

If you aren’t sure where your closest farmers market is, you can visit LocalHarvest.org and type in your ZIP code. This will give you a list of small farms, farmers markets and local sources of sustainably grown food near you.

What’s great about buying some of your food from these places is that everything tends to be fresher, from the produce and meats, to the baked goods and coffee. Another plus is that the money you spend helps small, local farms stay in business—something that can be a challenge with the competition of big chain grocery stores.

Baloncici / Shutterstock.com

Baloncici / Shutterstock.com

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